A new way to stay and live in Cape Town

Meet Capehavana. A new way to live & stay in Cape Town. We provide you with everything you need to feel at home the moment you arrive. Capehavana is an affordable, seamless, and stress-free way to enjoy beautiful accommodation in the most exciting city of South Africa.
Capehavana lounge

Capehavana: A remarkable place to live

We create a home environment that empowers our residents to be active creators and contributors to the community around us. Capehavana environment cultivates collaboration and serendipity amongst our residents.
"Monitoring our resident satisfaction produces essential information that allows us to improve our services. We understand every guest is unique and has individual needs; hence we ensure those needs are met."
Dillon Burke

Dillon Burke

"My stay with Cape Havana has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve not only been able to form a circle of friends but through them also been introduced to more of the rich culture around Cape Town. The house feels like a home away from home."
Tash review

Brian Sithole (Tash)

"My experience in the house has been quite welcoming. Overall I like the vibe of the place, we are all getting to know each other more, we party together mainly, so that’s fun."

Matyila Nkululeko

"Residing at the Capehavana has been nothing short of amazing. I moved in after all of the other residents, but they made me feel at home within the first two days. The house is also great, it has everything that I need as well."
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How co-living works?

Each resident has their furniture, private bedroom, and shared communal spaces that can be used freely. Shared areas are fully equipped with all needed appliances. There are no added expenses related to water, electricity, cleaning services for communal areas, Internet access or security.
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Is co-living suitable for me?

Are you moving to Cape Town with no or little furniture? Are you looking for a full-furniture house with a limited budget? Are you planning to stay for the week in the city but travel home on weekends? Are you coming to CPT to do a degree or post-grad for at least 3 months? Are you looking for a house for rent in CPT and trying to save some money?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, probably you will love staying at Capehavana.
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